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Updates we've recently shipped.

Recent Releases

    Website / Docs

    • 1.0 early access page
      We've added a new early access page to allow users to sign up to test new Firezone features and releases.
      Thu Jul 06 2023website
    • Team page
      A new team page has been added to showcase the team behind Firezone.
      Wed Jul 05 2023website
    • Brand colors
      Our website now sports a new color palette, font, and spacing consistent with the Firezone product.
      Mon Jul 03 2023website

    In progress

    Things we're actively working on and plan to ship in the next release or two.

    Sign up for early access to test new Firezone features and releases.

    Firezone 1.0

    • Automated provisioning
      Automated user and group provisioning via just-in-time (JIT) provisioning or SCIM 2.0.
    • Authentication overhaul
      More robust support for SAML 2.0, OIDC, and magic link authentication methods.
    • Group-based access policies
      Control access to protected Resources on a per-group basis.
    • Apple client
      Native Firezone client for macOS and iOS.
    • NAT traversal
      Automatic holepunching and STUN/TURN discovery for Clients and Gateways.
    • Split DNS
      Resolve DNS queries for protected Resources using Firezone's built-in DNS while forwarding other queries to a configurable upstream DNS server.
    • Android client
      Native Firezone client for Android.
    • High availability
      Support for High availability (HA) deployments of the Firezone Gateway.

    Under consideration

    Things we're still investigating, architecting, or in the process of prioritizing. (feedback welcome!)

    • Windows client
      Native Firezone client for Windows.
    • Service accounts
      Support for service accounts to allow automated access to protected Resources. Requires headless clients for Linux/Windows.
    • Linux client
      Native Firezone client for Linux.
    • Audit logging
      Log admin portal configuration changes and end-user access to protected Resources to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements.
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