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Firezone is a fast, flexible VPN replacement built on WireGuard® that simplifies access management for a fraction of the cost.

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Upgrade to zero-trust access in minutes.

Replace your obsolete VPN with a modern zero trust upgrade. Firezone supports the workflows and access patterns you're already familiar with, so you can get started in minutes and incrementally adopt more zero-trust patterns over time.


Control access to VPCs, subnets, hosts by IP or DNS, and even public SaaS apps.


Users and groups automatically sync with your identity provider, so access is revoked as soon as employees leave.


Restrict access even further with port-level rules that allow access to some services but not others, even on the same host.

Protect your resources

Achieve compliance without the headache.

Connections are always end-to-end encrypted with keys that rotate daily, and are directly established between your Users and Gateways, so we can never see your data. Firezone's advanced Policy Engine logs who accessed what and when and can be configured to allow access only from certain countries, IPs, and timeframes, so you can easily demonstrate compliance with internal and external security audits.

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Add two-factor auth to WireGuard.

Looking for 2FA for WireGuard? Look no further. Firezone integrates with any OIDC-compatible identity provider to consistently enforce multi-factor authentication across your workforce.

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Connect your identity provider

Bandwidth problems.

Eliminate throughput bottlenecks that plague other VPNs. Firezone's load-balancing architecture scales horizontally to handle an unlimited number of connections to even the most bandwidth-intensive services. Need more speed? Just add more Gateways.

Scale access to your VPCs

Say goodbye to firewall configuration.

Firezone securely punches through firewalls with ease, so keep those ports closed. Connections pick the shortest path and your attack surface is minimized, keeping your most sensitive resources invisible to attackers.

Make your resources invisible

Runs everywhere your business does.

Clients are available for every major platform, require no configuration, and stay connected even when switching WiFi networks.

Download Client apps

FIREZONE_TOKEN=<your-token> \

Gateways are lightweight Linux binaries you deploy anywhere you need access. Just configure a token with your preferred orchestration tool and you're done.

Deploy your first Gateway

Open source for transparency and trust.

How can you trust a zero-trust solution if you can't see its source? We build Firezone in the open so anyone can make sure it does exactly what we claim it does, and nothing more.

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Yes, you can use Firezone to

secure DNS for your workforce

Here are just a few ways customers are using Firezone:

VPN Replacement

Remote employees can securely access office networks, cloud VPCs, and other private subnets and resources from anywhere in the world, on any device.

  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Authenticate with virtually any IdP
  • Highly available Gateways
  • Modern encryption and authentication

Infrastructure Access

Empower engineers and DevOps to manage their team’s access to technical resources like test/prod servers both on-prem and in the cloud.

  • Service accounts and headless clients
  • Multiple admins per account
  • Docker and Terraform integrations
  • Automatically sync users and groups from your IdP

Internet Security

Route sensitive internet traffic through a trusted gateway to keep remote employees more secure, even when they’re traveling or using public WiFi.

  • Native clients for all major platforms
  • Enforce MFA / 2FA
  • Filter malicious or unwanted DNS requests
  • Monitor and audit each attempted connection

Homelab Access

Securely access your home network, and services like Plex, security cameras, a Raspberry Pi, and other self-hosted apps when you’re away from home.

  • Easy to setup and simple to manage
  • Authenticate with Magic link or OIDC
  • Reliable NAT traversal
  • Invite friends and family to your private network

See how Firezone compares

We're laser-focused on building the best Zero Trust Access product available. That's what we do. That means we have more of the features your business needs and less of the ones you don't. And because of that, Firezone comes in at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Don't believe us? Contact sales to find out.

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Open sourcePartial
Built on WireGuard®
Load balancingPartial
Automatic failover
NAT hole-punching
Resource-level access policies
Google directory sync
Entra directory sync
Okta directory sync
JumpCloud directory sync
IPv6 support
Automatic NAT64 and NAT46
DNS-based routingPartial
Mesh networking
Annual invoicing

Last updated: 06/28/2024

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