Fueling a safer, smarter world, one connection at a time.

How it all started

Founded in 2021 by Jamil Bou Kheir and Jason Gong, Firezone originally started as a side project to make it easier to use WireGuard. 130 releases and 15,000+ users later, it's grown into something much more.

Firezone story
  1. First commit

    The initial commit of the Firezone codebase is made.

  2. First public release

    The first public release of Firezone is announced on Hacker News.

  3. YC acceptance

    Firezone is accepted into YC's Winter 2022 batch.

  4. Funding

    Firezone graduates from the YC Winter 2022 batch and raises a seed round.


To reshape how humanity accesses computer resources, weaving simplicity and security into the fabric of global connectivity.



Always be open and honest with our customers, partners, and employees. Never hide behind a wall of secrecy.


We maintain only the bare minimum of data required to operate the Firezone product and never sell or share it with third parties.


We work together to achieve our goals, and celebrate our successes as a team. Everyone's voice is heard and respected.


We don't believe in hype or buzzwords. We believe in building products that solve real problems for real people.


The best ideas come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. We strive to build a team that reflects the world we live in.


Y Combinator
1984 Ventures
Uncorrelated Ventures
Helium-3 Ventures
Amino Capital

Meet the team.

Firezone is built by a global team of motivated individuals. Our passion for security, reliability, and code quality permeates everything we do, and since we’re open source, you can see for yourself. The team has experience building enterprise networking solutions at companies like Cisco, Marqeta, Instacart, and more.

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Jamil Bou Kheir

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Gabriel Steinberg

Senior Backend Engineer
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Andrew Dryga

Founding Engineer
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Blake Hitchcock

Technical Advisor
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Thomas Eizinger

Distributed Systems Engineer
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Brian Manifold

Senior Full-stack Engineer
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Senior Systems Engineer
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Robert Laurence