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A list of the most recent updates to Firezone, organized by component.

Latest Gateway version

Version: 1.1.2



  • Reduces log noise for the default log level.

Previous Gateway versions

  • Fixes a minor connectivity issue that could occur for some DNS Resources.

This release introduces a new method of resolving and routing DNS Resources that is more reliable on some poorly-behaved networks. To use this new method, Client versions 1.1.0 or later are required. Client versions 1.0.x will continue to work with Gateway 1.1.x, but will not benefit from the new DNS resolution method.

Read more about this change in the announcement post here.

1.0.8This is a maintenance release with no major user-facing changes.
1.0.7This release fixes a bug where the incorrect Gateway version could be reported to the admin portal.
1.0.6This release contains connectivity fixes and performance improvements and is recommended for all users.
1.0.5Minor maintenance fixes.
1.0.4Fixes an issue detecting the correct architecture during installation and upgrades.
1.0.3Adds support for traffic restrictions.
1.0.2Fixes a big that caused invalid connections from being cleaned up properly.
1.0.1Fixes a bug that could prevent the auto-upgrade script from working properly.
1.0.0Initial release.