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Fast, effortless secure access

Firezone is an open-source remote access platform built on WireGuard®, a modern VPN protocol that's 4-6x faster than OpenVPN. Deploy on your infrastructure and start onboarding users in minutes.

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An alternative to old VPNs

Streamline workflows. Reduce total cost of ownership.

Legacy VPNs are cumbersome to manage and take weeks to configure correctly. Firezone takes minutes to deploy and the Web GUI makes managing secure access effortless for admins.

  • Integrate any identity provider to enforce 2FA / MFA
  • Define user-scoped access rules
  • Manage users with a snappy admin dashboard
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High throughput and low latency. Up to 4-6x faster than OpenVPN.

Increase productivity and decrease connection issues for your remote team. Firezone uses kernel WireGuard® to be efficient, reliable, and performant in any environment.

Firezone runs entirely on your infrastructure. No vendor lock-in.

Deploy Firezone on any platform that supports Docker. There's no need to risk breaches by sending data to third parties.
  • VPC, data center, or on-prem
  • Auto-renewing SSL certs from Let's Encrypt via ACME
  • Flexible and configurable

Integrate your identity provider for SSO to enforce 2FA / MFA.

Only allow connections from authenticated users and automatically disable access for employees who have left. Firezone integrates with any OIDC and SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider for single sign-on (SSO).

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Who can benefit from Firezone?

Easy to deploy and manage for individuals and organizations alike.

Individuals and home lab users

Lightweight and fast. Access your home network securely when on the road.

  • Effortless to deploy on any infrastructure
  • Community plan supports unlimited devices
  • Open-source and self-hosted

Growing businesses

Keep up with increasing network and compliance demands as you scale your team and infrastructure.

  • Integrate your identity provider
  • Quickly onboard/offboard employees
  • Segment access for contractors
  • High performance, reduce bottlenecks

Remote organizations

Transitioning to remote? Perfect timing to replace the legacy VPN. Improve your security posture and reduce support tickets.

  • Require periodic re-authentication
  • Enforce MFA / 2FA
  • Self-serve user portal
  • Export logs to your observability platform

Technical IT teams

Firezone runs on your infrastructure. Customize it to suit your needs and architecture.

  • Built on WireGuard®
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Supports OIDC and SAML 2.0
  • Flexible and configurable

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Deploy self-hosted Firezone

Set up secure access and start onboarding users in minutes. Run the install script on a supported host to deploy Firezone with Docker. Copy the one-liner below to install Firezone in minutes.