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Secure remote access for individuals and small groups


  • Access your homelab or VPC from anywhere
  • Native clients for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android
  • Authenticate via email or OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Load balancing and automatic failover
  • No firewall configuration required
  • Community Support


Zero trust network access for teams and organizations

$5 per user / month

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Resource access logs
  • Customize your account slug
  • Faster relay network
  • Priority email support


Advanced zero trust network access for enterprises

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Everything in Team, plus:

  • Automatically sync users and groups from Google, Entra, or Okta
  • Fastest relay network
  • Dedicated Slack support channel
  • Roadmap acceleration
  • White-glove onboarding

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Users625No limit
Service Accounts1025No limit
Sites10100No limit
Admins13No limit
PoliciesNo limitNo limitNo limit
ResourcesNo limitNo limitNo limit
Connected ClientsNo limitNo limitNo limit
Networking Features
NAT hole punching
Native Firezone Clients
Split tunneling
DNS-based routing
Gateway load-balancing
Automatic Gateway failover
Global Relay networkBasicStandardPremium
Authentication & Authorization
Resource-level access policies
Email (OTP) authentication
OpenID Connect authentication
Custom account slug
Google Workspace directory sync
Microsoft Entra ID directory sync
Okta directory sync
Security Features
Session-based key rotation
GeoIP Mapping
Resource access logs
Community Forums
Community Discord
Priority Email
Dedicated Slack
Roadmap acceleration
White-glove onboarding

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up Firezone?

Firezone can be set up in less than 10 minutes, and Gateways can be added by running a simple Docker command. Visit our docs for more information and step by step instructions.

Do I need to rip and replace my current VPN with Firezone?

No. As long they're set up to access different resources, you can run Firezone alongside your existing remote access solutions, and switch over whenever you’re ready. There’s no need for any downtime or unnecessary disruptions.

What happens to my data with Firezone enabled?

Network traffic is always end-to-end encrypted, and by default, routes directly to Gateways running on your infrastructure. In rare circumstances, encrypted traffic can pass through our global relay network if a direct connection cannot be established. Firezone can never decrypt the contents of your traffic.

How do I cancel or change my plan?

Please contact support if you would like to change your plan or terminate your account.

When will I be billed?

The Team plan is billed monthly on the same day you start service until canceled. Enterprise plans are billed annually.

What payment methods are available?

The Starter plan is free and does not require a credit card to get started. Team and Enterprise plans can be paid via credit card, ACH, or wire transfer and will have a 100% discount applied for the duration of the beta.

Do you offer special pricing for nonprofits and educational institutions?

Yes. Not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions are eligible for a 50% discount. Contact sales to request the discount.

The WireGuard® solution for Enterprise.