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Docs Overview

Welcome to the Firezone Documentation! Use the sections below to get started.

What is Firezone?

Firezone is an open-source secure remote access platform that can be deployed on your own infrastructure in minutes. Use it to quickly and easily secure access to your private network and internal applications from an intuitive web UI.

firezone architecture

These docs explain how to deploy, configure, and use Firezone.

Quick start

  1. Deploy: A step-by-step walk-through setting up Firezone. Start here if you are new.
  2. Authenticate: Set up authentication using local email/password, OpenID Connect, or SAML 2.0 and optionally enable TOTP-based MFA.
  3. Administer: Day to day administration of the Firezone server.
  4. User Guides: Useful guides to help you learn how to use Firezone and troubleshoot common issues. Consult this section after you successfully deploy the Firezone server.

Common configuration guides

  1. Split Tunneling: Only route traffic to certain IP ranges through the VPN.
  2. Setting up a NAT Gateway with a Static IP: Configure Firezone with a static IP address to provide a single egress IP for your team's traffic.
  3. Reverse Tunnels: Establish tunnels between multiple peers.

Need additional help?

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Contribute to Firezone

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