Upgrade Gateways

Firezone Gateways are designed to be easily upgraded with little or no planned downtime for your organization. This guide will walk you through the steps to upgrade your Gateway for both Docker and systemd deployments.

This guide covers Gateway upgrades only. For details on upgrading Clients, refer to the appropriate user guide for your platform.

Upgrade process

Upgrading a Gateway generally consists of simply replacing the binary or Docker image with the newer version and then restarting. See below for specific steps depending on how you've deployed your Gateway:

Copy-paste the following command to upgrade your Docker-based Gateway:

curl -fsSL \
  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/firezone/firezone/main/scripts/gateway-docker-upgrade.sh \
  | bash


After running the upgrade, check that the version reported by the Gateway in the admin portal matches the latest published version on our GitHub releases page to ensure it's up to date:

Gateway upgrade verification

Downtime considerations

Gateways deployed within the same Site will automatically failover for each other. By upgrading Gateways one-by-one in a rolling update strategy, Clients connected to the Gateway being upgraded will automatically reconnect to an available Gateway.

Users may notice very brief interruptions to Resources for a few seconds as their Client reconnects to a healthy Gateway.

Need additional help?

See all support options or try asking on one of our community-powered support channels:

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Last updated: June 20, 2024