You're viewing documentation for the legacy version of Firezone, now End-of-Life. View the latest docs here.

File and Directory Locations

Here you'll find a listing of files and directories related to a typical Firezone installation. These can change depending on how you've configured your installation.

Default pathDescription
$HOME/.firezone/.envFirezone secrets used for encryption, cookies, and sessions. Losing this file will result in irrecoverable data loss.
$HOME/.firezone/docker-compose.ymlDocker Compose file used to manage Firezone services.
$HOME/.firezone/firezoneTop-level directory containing Firezone-related persisted data
$HOME/.firezone/caddyCaddy persisted files.
Default Docker named volume location, typically /var/lib/docker/volumes/firezone_postgres-data for Linux.Postgres DB files.

Backup and restore

See our backup guide.