Create Resources


Resources define subnets, IP addresses, or DNS names you wish to manage access for.

To create a Resource, go to Sites -> <site name> -> Add a Resource.

Remember, Resources must be reachable by all Gateways in the same Site.

From there, you can select the type of Resource you want to create:

  • DNS: A domain name pattern to match.
    • By default, the pattern will only match exactly the name you enter.
    • To recursively match all subdomains, use a wildcard, such as * This will match,, and
    • To non-recursively match all subdomains, use a question mark, such as ? This will match,, and but not
  • IP: A single IPv4 or IPv6 address
  • CIDR: A range of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in CIDR notation, such as or 2001:db8::/48

Note: To preserve audit trails, once a Resource is created, its address cannot be changed. Double-check to ensure the address entered is correct before creating the Resource.

Firezone does not currently filter traffic based on any layer 4 details such as transport protocol (UDP / TCP) or port number. If you're interested in a feature like this, leave a comment on our public roadmap.

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Last updated: April 10, 2024