macOS Client

Firezone supports macOS with a native client available in the macOS App Store.


  • macOS 12 or higher
  • Intel or Apple silicon Mac


Download the client from the Apple App Store.


Updates for the Apple clients are handled through the Apple App Store. Consult Apple's documentation for more information on how to update apps on your device.

Known issues

  • DNS Resources: Web browsers that enable "Secure DNS" or DNS-over-HTTPS by default may interfere with DNS resolution because they force all DNS traffic through the browser's configured resolvers. See this guide to disable DNS-over-HTTPS if you're experiencing issues connecting to DNS Resources within your browser.
  • Cloudflare WARP client conflicts with other VPN apps: The Cloudflare WARP client may interfere with Firezone's ability to initialize its tunnel interface or resolve DNS resources. Ensure the Cloudflare WARP client is disabled completely or uninstalled to prevent these issues. See this thread for more information.

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Last updated: May 16, 2024